Sunday, September 13, 2015

Stop taking cheap freight!

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Disclaimer:  Please note that I know that not every Broker / Shipper falls into the Category which I have written about.  In fact I have spoken with a number of Brokers who agree 110% that the Freight Rates to Truckers in insanely low!!!

Freight prices continue to be extremely low when compared to the cost of operation for a Rig whether it is Dry Van, Reefer, Flatbed or even Hot Shot.  As long as we are willing to transport freight at ridiculously low prices the Shippers and Brokers will keep their thumbs on rates.  I was recently told by a Broker that since fuel prices are going down the rates are more than acceptable! Tell that to the Insurance Company, Tire Manufacturer, Mechanic, etc.

I for one refuse to book any load that is below $2.00 per mile (Still stupidly low).  For Owner Operators to make a decent living, I feel that rates need to be at least $2.50 per mile based on a 1- Day run, i.e. a 8+ hour run.  What do you think?

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